Finalist, Heysen Prize for Landscape 2020

Leni Kae’s artwork “Reach of Sunrise Through the Fjord” is a finalist in the Heysen Prize for Landscape 2020.

An abstract landscape inspired by Port Davey Tasmania, “The Reach of Sunrise Through the Fiord” draws on the poetic parallel between the external visual landscape and the internal emotional experience. As sunrise and light pours through a fiord, there is a sense that it calls on viewers to witness a new day and breathe in new possibilities; to reflect on the travels and new experiences hidden beyond the fjord.

Reflecting a flow of emotional response to this scene, watercolour becomes an essential medium in the expressive experience and process. Layers of linework are then applied as reflective of the light and energy of the landscape connecting to the human emotional experience. Sunlight is expressed using thicker acrylic overtones including fluoro pink and yellow lines, reaching through the fjord and across the landscape; carrying a message to boldly accept the new day, adventure, and the challenge of new beginnings.


Exhibition launch  – 6pm Saturday 12 December 2020

Exhibition dates – 12 December 2020 –14 February 2021