Modern. Colouful. Inspired.

Leni Kae is artist, illustrator and writer based in Sydney, Australia. The artist specialises in hand painted abstract landscapes, custom artworks, line art illustration, children’s book illustration, art gifts, portraiture and poetry.

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Unique Gift Ideas

Looking for a unique gift idea to put a smile on someone’s face? A custom artwork means an affordable one-of-a-kind personalised gift.

From bold modern portraits to line art, you can order a custom piece as a digital download to print yourself. Or, request to have the design printed to t-shirt, canvas, framed print and more.

  • Custom Line Art Drawings
  • Custom Portraits
  • Custom Pet Portraits
  • Custom Nude Portraits


Unique Gift Ideas

Children's Book Illustration

If you are a writer or published author of children’s books and looking for an illustrator to transform your words to images capable or igniting the imagination or young minds, then Sydney children’s book illustrator Leni Kae would love to hear from you.

Discover Leni Kae’s illustration; whether beautiful black and white linework illustration, or packed scenes of whimsical colourful display.


Children's Book Illustration

Featured News

Finalist, Drummoyne Open Art Prize 2020

Leni Kae’s artwork “To Bend and Flow With the River” is a finalist in the Drummoyne Open Art Prize 2020.

Finalist, 2020 Mandorla Art Award

Sydney artist Leni Kae is a finalist in the Mandorla Art Award with her artwork “The Ways I Feel When You Call My Name.

Finalist, ‘A Florist’s Delight’ 2020 Art Prize & Exhibition

Leni Kae’s artwork “Love Through Purple Haze (Jacaranda Lane)” 75x75cm is a finalist in Aspire Gallery’s ‘A Florists Delight’ Art Prize & Exhibition 2020.

Finalist, Petite Pieces Art Prize 2020

Leni Kae’s artwork “Immersion in Blue” 50x50cm is a finalist in Aspire Gallery’s Petite Pieces Art Prize & Exhibition 2020.

Finalist, Art Lovers Australia Prize 2020

Leni Kae’s artwork “In Flight” has been selected for the Art Lovers Australia Prize, 2020.

Finalist, Georges River Art Prize 2019

Leni Kae’s artwork “The Evolution of Blue: 6 days to Sunday”, 6 piece series, is a finalist in the Georges River Art Prize, 2019.