Illawarra Flame Tree, Heart of the Bold – Red Abstract Landscape


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Acrylic on Stretched Canvas. 155cm (h) x 115cm (w) x 3cm depth.

Red Abstract Landscape artwork. Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 155cm (h) x 115cm (w) x 3cm depth.

“The Illawarra Flame tree commands attention. It is the colour of blood, pain, hard work, resilience, power, passion. It does not go unseen. So, in this piece, I explore a connection to this beautiful tree that demands existence without apology. Essentially, the artwork speaks of having the boldness of heart to embrace even the most turbulent of journeys as a source of growth and empowerment. I depict the emotional landscape of pain through the background and the ‘broken’ looser sections of the painting; and resilience through the layers of forms.” – Leni Kae (c)

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Dimensions 115 × 155 cm

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