I Walk Through a Field of Dreams at Midnight (watercolour abstract landscape)


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This original watercolour painting of an abstract landscape uses warm colours to reflect a sense of light on a summer day; symbolizing an emotional landscape of joy and new beginnings.

  • Dimensions: 41cm x 29cm with 7cm Matte Board (Total 55cm x 43cm).
  • No external frame

This watercolour painting explores the connection between the physical and emotional landscape; the emotional awakening that happens through the still of night and dream; by drawing a connection to the physical landscape Flowing paint represents the subconscious exploration and release of emotion, and the beauty of resolution that comes with dream. The forest of trees represents journeys, ideas, and all that is witnessed. The mountains represent the attainment of resolution and truth.
Artwork dimensions: 41cm x 29cm. Additional 7cm Matte Board border is included.

Total artwork dimensions including the matte board border is 55cm x 43cm x 1cm depth.
NO EXTERNAL FRAME is included. The frame in the image gallery is for suggestion only.

Dimensions: 41cm x 29cm
7cm Matte Board (Total 55cm x 43cm)
No external frame
Signature on front