Leni Kae’s artwork ‘Winter Walk Along Bushrangers Bay’ will be exhibited in Southern Buoy Studios’ inaugural 2019 Mornington Peninsula Landscape Exhibition.

The exhibition is in celebration of Mornington Peninsula scenery; with a prize awarded to the best landscape/ seascape painting.

Winter Walk Along Bushrangers Bay is painted in watercolour, acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas (76cm x 61cm). In her work, Kae uses line work to express the energetic connection between nature and the elements; whilst also examining the connection between nature and the human emotional landscape. The artwork will be available for sale for the duration of the exhibition

OPENING NIGHT | Mornington Peninsula Landscape Exhibition
31 August Opening Night (ticketed event). Winner will be announced on opening night.

Ticket Information coming soon

Posted on August 10, 2019

Sydney artist Leni Kae is a finalist in the Du Reitz Art Awards 2019 (2D award) with her artwork “The Ways I Feel When You Call My Name”; a 9-piece watercolour series on 300gsm paper.

The piece is an abstract representation of the landscape and how it mirrors the emotional landscape of the self. Each piece reflects on a different kind of love and how each plays a part in our growth and healing; romantic love, friendship, love for a child, self-love, passionate love, family, mature love, love reborn from random connections.

The fluidity and abstract river represent emotional outpour and a ‘break’ in the emotional self that seeks healing. The flowing patterns of leaf forms symbolise growth and renewal, with each leaf reaching out to the next; highlighting the human need for growth and connection.

The artwork will be available for sale for the duration of the exhibition. Enquiries welcome.

Art Awards Exhibition viewing | 24 July – 23 August 2019

The Gympie Regional Gallery is located at 39 Nash Street, Gympie and open from Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 4pm.

Posted on July 3, 2019

Leni Kae’s artwork “Immersion in Blue” has been chosen as a finalist in the Lethbridge 20000 Small Scale Art Award, 2019.

‘Immersion in Blue’ 50x50cm by Leni Kae has been inspired by a poem by the artist:

“I could drown in the space where dreams live

The space where truth comes alive

Watch me soak it all in until life doesn’t matter

And rise again with new vigour”

– Leni Kae, Sydney Artist, Writer

This year, due to the high number of quality entries there will be two exhibitions across both Brisbane based Lethbridge galleries. The award will be presented in the Paddington Gallery, where Leni Kae’s artwork will be exhibited.

The opening of the exhibition and the announcement of the winners will take place:
6pm Saturday June 29
Lethbridge Gallery Paddington
136 Latrobe Terrace,
Paddington, 4064

Posted on June 5, 2019

This year, Leni Kae’s artwork “Love Through Purple Haze II” will be available for bidding as part of the Art For Epilepsy Online Auction. The artwork is approximately 80cm (h) x 60.5cm (w) x 1.8cm on thin edge stretched canvas frame (no frame), ready for hanging.

The event raises funds for much-needed education and support services across Australia to people living with epilepsy, their families and community, and professional groups.  Did you know that over 55% of Australians (13.2 million people) know someone with epilepsy?  Over half the population are impacted.

The online auction that begins on 1st May-31st May.

The auction features a mixture of well-established and prominent Australian artists, as well as emerging talent and up and coming artists;
provide something to suit various budgets.  There is also a wide range of styles to suit different tastes; from fine artists, abstract artists, water colourists, illustrators and mixed media artists. One thing each work has in common, is that each artwork contains the colour/shade purple.

Get bidding, and help a worthy cause!

Posted on April 29, 2019

In Leni Kae’s abstract landscape series “Healing Landscapes”, she is inspired by nature and landscapes; and their connection to the emotional landscape of human nature.

Her artwork ‘Illawarra Flame Tree: Heart of the Bold‘ , explores the relationship between pain and strength by looking at the Illawarra Flame Tree as a symbol for that subject.

The Illawarra Flame tree commands attention. It is the colour of blood, pain, hard work, resilience, power, passion. It does not go unseen. So, in this piece, Sydney artist Leni Kae explores a connection to this beautiful tree that demands existence without apology. She depicts the emotional landscape of pain through the background and the ‘broken’ looser sections of the painting; and resilience through the layers of forms.

Essentially, the artwork speaks of having the boldness of heart to embrace even the most turbulent of journeys as a source of growth and empowerment.

The stunning red abstract landscape painting is pictured in the photo in a suggested interior styling setting. With warm red colour tones, the artwork suits complementing colours of warm brown wood or cool grey tones.

Posted on April 25, 2019

Leni Kae’s portrait painting “Portrait of a Reader”, acrylic on canvas, just 20x20cm in size, has been chosen as a finalist piece in the Southern Buoy Studios Portrait Prize, 2019.

Though small, it’s careful composition and brushwork draw the viewer’s attention to the emotive qualities of the subject.

Opening event tickets are now available via the Southern Buoy Studios website. Buy Tickets >

The artist is available for portrait commissions. Contact the artist for more information.

Posted on April 19, 2019

“Healing Mountains in Pink and Gold”, 117cm x 81cm is an Acrylic and Ink abstract landscape artwork on rolled canvas by Australian artist Leni Kae. This contemporary landscape painting tells of renewed faith coming from blossoming passion, love and opportunity. The mountains represent the heart’s desire, and layers of pink leaf and petal blossoms symbolize growing emotion. The brown tones tell of sense of feeling grounded. The gold representing fulfilment and prosperity that comes with being true to the self and following the heart’s desire.

This pink, brown and gold abstract landscape painting is from the series “Healing Landscapes”, a series of paintings which incorporate the patterned flow of growing leaf forms with the healing power of colour in abstract contemporary landscapes. Leni Kae (dip colour therapy) uses colour science in this series.

The artwork has since sold, pictured below with a frame chosen by the buyer; and in a beautiful interior styling setting.

Healing Mountains in Pink and Gold, by Leni Kae (c) Acrylic on Canvas
Posted on February 1, 2019