When Love is in the Air (Pink Canary Birds Flying)


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42cm width x 59cm height.

Watercolour, acrylic paint, pencil and oil pastel on 300gsm paper.

A romantic and modern watercolour painting by Sydney artist Leni Kae, of two pink canary birds flying towards each other. Symbolic of finding love, “When Love is in the Air” is an original watercolour painting on 300gsm paper, with highlights of acrylic paint. It expresses the freedom and joy of discovering love, as well as a playful energy. A beautiful, joyful art collection piece for bird lovers.

Dimensions: 42cm width x 59cm height. Made using watercolour and acrylic paint on 300gsm paper. Requires framing (frame pictured is for sample purposes).

This piece is from Leni Kae’s “Animal Spirit” series.

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