Dance of the Blue Betta Fish

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Watercolour, Acrylic, Ink on 300gsm paper. Unframed. Requires Framing
21cm (W) x 25cm (H) x 0.3cm (D)

Dance of the Blue Betta Fish -Two beautiful blue Betta fish (Siamese fighting fish) swim together in this painting by Sydney artist Leni Kae. It symbolizes a metaphorical dance between two independent spirits; respectful of each others individuality, strength, and freedom of spirit. Loose linework is used to capture movement and a sense of freedom. The use of blue tones symbolises space, freedom, tranquility and acceptance. An affordable small art piece to start your collection, or unique art gift for fish lovers.

Watercolour and acrylic paint highlights on 300gsm paper.
– Includes matte board mount of 6cm. Thickness approx 1cm.
– Total dimensions including board mount: approx 40.7cm x 40.7cm
– No external frame.
– Comes with certificate of Authenticity.

This painting is from Leni Kae’s series titled “Animal Spirit”, incorporating a fluid style to represent the spirit of animals. Viewers are prompted to connect with the animal world; see their own traits reflected in the energy and personalities of animals. Leni Kae applies symbolism and colour psychology in this series.

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