Dream of a Blue Fairy Wren (Watercolour Painting)


15.5 x 19.5cm – Painted on 300gsm paper.

Requires Framing.

An original watercolour painting of a fairy wren by Sydney artist Leni Kae. The painting portrays a fairy wren sitting on a branch; a symbol of dreaming and preparing for action. An affordable artwork for investment or unique gift for bird lovers. Colours of aqua blue, cobalt blue, turquoise, aquamarine blue, indigo, white.

15.5 x 19.5cm – Painted on 300gsm paper. Watercolour with fine acrylic paint highlights.
Requires framing for hanging. Unframed.
(Frames pictured are for example purposes only).

This artwork is from Leni Kae’s series titled “Animal Spirit”, exploring an emotional connection with animals’ spirit and characteristics.