Healing Mountains in Pink and Gold- Abstract Landscape Painting


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Original artwork. Acrylic and Ink on rolled canvas. UNSTRETCHED. Approx 117cm x 81cm.

Original artwork. 117cm x 81cm. Acrylic and Ink on rolled canvas. Unstretched, unframed.

This abstract contemporary landscape painting tells of renewed faith coming from blossoming passion, love and opportunity. The mountains represent the heart’s desire, and layers of pink leaf and petal blossoms symbolize growing emotion. The brown tones tell of sense of feeling grounded. The gold representing fulfilment and prosperity that comes with being true to the self and following the heart’s desire.

This pink, brown and gold abstract landscape painting is from the series “Healing Landscapes”, a series of paintings which incorporate the patterned flow of growing leaf forms with the healing power of colour in abstract contemporary landscapes. Leni Kae (dip colour therapy) uses colour science in this series.


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Dimensions 142 × 89 cm

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