Leni Kae’s artwork “To Bend and Flow With the River” is a finalist in the Drummoyne Open Art Prize 2020.

“To Bend and Flow With the River” is a 61×91.5cm mixed media piece on stretched canvas, ready to hang. It pictures a flowing abstract landscape with blue and indigo hues, and highlights of lime and pink. It is painted in watercolour, acrylic paint and oil pastel on canvas and symbolises the emotional landscape of flowing and adapting to changes in life.

This artwork is part of Leni Kae’s series titled “Flowscapes”. Leni uses line work to express the energetic connection between nature and the elements; whilst also examining the connection between nature and the human emotional landscape.

The artwork will be exhibited online as part of the Finalist Exhibition, details to come.

Posted on May 27, 2020

Leni Kae’s self-portrait, “The Artist Bare: Unfinished, Untold” is a finalist in the Dean Cogle Portrait Prize 2019. The artwork is a 37cm x 45cm acrylic painting on canvas, with canvas and paper collage elements.

The artist says of the artwork:

There is something about motherhood that has forced a self-confrontation. So much changes, it feels like starting over. There is also a mass of paradoxical emotions. There is joy for new life, yet grief for the life that can no longer be lived. There is the rediscovery of the self and your own strength, yet feelings of loss during a period of self-transformation as you say goodbye to your old self. Throughout it all, I felt stripped bare, and like I’m building a new ‘self’ again. In this painting, I have painted myself as bare; unfinished. The loose, stuck on canvas parts represent the untold story to come. Beneath the front layers, I have applied paper over my chest across the canvas, symbolising the small part of me I keep to myself; the part of me that I cannot lose, and the passion that I must guard. ” – Leni Kae

The Dean Cogle Portrait Prize features a $5,000 first prize, and will be on exhibition at Currumbin’s Dust Temple.

Exhibitions Dates: 03-Aug-2019 to 04-Sep-2019
Monday to Friday 6.30am – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 7am – 1pm

Posted on July 22, 2019